Recycled Plastic


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Why is your material environmental friendly?

Our composite materials are environmentally friendly because we are using two different types of waste. By reusing two types of different waste we can support the circular economy concept and reduce the usage of raw virgin materials. By increasing the use of plastic and mineral waste, we reduce the carbon footprint of the plastic industry in Europe because we give waste a new life.

What products can i make with your material?

Our composite material can be used as a raw material in various sectors. Such as the construction sector, packaging sector, transportation sector, etc. For instance, our composite material can replace wooden material in the hiking trails, which is more durable and can last longer than natural wood. 

Why should i buy your material?

We have many competitive advantages compared to our main competitors. Our first advantage is the cheap price of the material. Thanks to the mineral waste filler we can reduce the price of our pellets.
Our second advantage is the material properties. Thanks to the mineral waste in the plastic, we can offer our customers better comprehensive strength and higher fireproofness.